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Private investigators give an exhaustive scope of services that guarantee you to unravel truth that you are looking for on your own and professional life. Regardless of whether you wish to connect with a missing friend or require a couple of answers that you may not get from your business partners, private investigators are prudent, proficient, cost effective and moral course to ultimate peace of mind.

With skill in observation and experience taking care of a choice of high caliber and successful innovation to help their investigation, Caribbean private agent can help you in all aspects of your life whether be it on business, specialized or more individual level. Caribbean Private Investigation is a full private investigation agency operating from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which services consist of both the expertise and pay full attention to detail to get the job done? With an investigations agency in the central of Port-au-Prince area, their investigators are able to cover all the 9 Departments with ease.

One of the best known and most mainstream zones of Caribbean private investigators is specialized observation, frequently alluded to by the media as 'spy technology'. The greater part of affirmed organizations uses this innovation in a moral and expert way to guarantee all inquiries, get the hard proof that the customer needs. GPS vehicle following is a fundamental instrument in a private agent's arms stockpile; this delicate bit of tech assembles information of a specific vehicle's developments and in addition recording any related driving benchmarks. Video film, photography (using secret cameras) and recording gadgets are also part of fundamental part of the specialized service offered by experts.

Surveillance is a comprehensive service provided by private investigators and can be used to empower a customer notwithstanding the expertness and individual difficulties. Surveillance services can be used to watch out for your business' rivals or deceitful associates, and in addition conducting matrimonial and partner investigation to reveal reality about your relationship and cheating tactics. Surveillance can likewise be used emphatically to determine the status of friends and family that you are worried about.

On the business front, investigation services can likewise be utilized to pursue outstanding payment from hardening to reach indebted individuals and lead pre-work screening on prospective candidates that you think may not be as legitimate as they ought to be. Detailed background verifications can be done attentively to guarantee your business condition is running perfectly and loaded with workers you can trust. Private investigation services can likewise be used to dig a little deeper into insurance claims.


Whatever your conditions, a private investigation firm can be called upon to help you in every aspect of your own and business life to give you the fulfillment and genuine feelings of serenity you need to go about your day.

At Caribbean private investigation Solutions, our select gathering of expert Private Investigators and Surveillance Operators are profoundly gifted and experienced, with demonstrated track records extending back numerous years. We provide services to US insurance companies, law firms we are much available for other Investigation companies that need our services locally in the Caribbean being either in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. In addition, one thing is also paramount, choosing us for your investigation in the Caribbean will save you dollars on Flight, Accommodations, car rental etc... and especially if you have fear of traveling by air.

If you are need of Commercial, Private and Technical investigators services conveyed in the strictest of certainty, we are much available for you

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