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We, at the Caribbean Private Investigation (CPI), focus on claims where clear concerns or indicators exist and clients need a cost effective yet thorough investigation. Unwavering quality, efficient, accuracy, and discretion are our guarantees to our clients. Any case requiring a solid investigation team to help attain the facts for a claim, CPI is the answer.

When an insurance policy is written the potential for fraud exists, and the need for investigation is essential. A false claim submitted against an insurance company is, pure and simple, fraud. Our investigators provide the comprehensive protection from different kind of fraudulent acts which is taken up by the claimants through staged claims and forgery to get the financial gains and profits through claim different recoveries. Our claim investigators provide thorough identification and analysis to obtain the evidence and witnesses to confirm the fakeness.


We believe travel cases are regularly ignored because of moderately small funds and tricky loss types, such as, medical costs. Our goal is to provide information to validate the approval decisions of claims, by deciphering potential 'High Risk' claims including fraud and indemnity risks. This is done without impeding, clients with authentic claims, from experiencing a positive customer service with the process.

The majority of our case managers are trained in Cognitive Interview or desktop investigation strategies. Our focus is gather adequate evidence on high risk cases, to mitigate difficulties and facilitate approved claims to be settled with confidence. Our approach empowers reliable and exact risk appraisal with a key focus on the greater part of clients’ customers being dealt with fairly.


Caribbean Private Investigations (CPI) can conduct a complete death claims investigation to decipher whether the death of the deceased was brought on by suicide, accident, or homicide.

We will carry out thorough investigation and verification of proposed death claims, some of which may turn out to be fraudulent. Under these circumstances, the investigation must concentrate on the real death situation and the truth, as well as the claimant’s witness and evidence documentation provided. At times, the proofs provided by claimant’s contacts can be faked like death certificates, notarized affidavit, statements, funeral records etc. However, our main responsibility is to collect the evidences and provide our clients with the truth.

Some of the services frequently requested in either suspicious death claims, or contestable death claims investigations include the following:

  • Obtain or verify death certificate, medical records, police/fire/ambulance reports
  • Document burial/gravesite information
  • Obtain obituary and/or other newspaper information
  • Obtain coroner or medical examiner records and/or formal statements
  • Scene photographs
  • Interview witnesses
  • Civil or criminal records research regarding insured and/or beneficiary

While death verification is by large the target of most contestable or suspicious death claims investigations, insurance adjustors some of the time find that a case may have developed into a criminal matter and further investigation is essential by authorities.

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