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Fraud can happen from various perspectives. If there is a need to guarantee that a beneficiary is alive, and getting the advantages they are qualified for, Caribbean Private Investigation (CPI) can carry out an Alive and Well check. An Alive & Well check is an in-person interview which ensures the claimant or beneficiary is, in fact, living and receiving benefits. The subject’s identity is verified and, if requested, a photo is obtained for further authentication.

Our Private Investigators personally meet with the subject to determine current health condition, medicinal treatment points of interest, physical exercises, employment status and other pertinent information. A brief background and social media scan is performed and any relevant information as it relates to the benefits process is brought to the attention of the client. These investigations are conducted in a professional and tactful manner by trained investigators familiar with the objectives of the client.

At CPI, we provide services to insurance companies, law firms or other corporate client or individuals locally, in Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or around the Caribbean. Choosing us for your investigation in the Caribbean is the most cost efficient decision; as our team is throughout the region and familiar with these territories. Subsequently, our focused work performance will bring our clients exceptional results and unparalleled service.

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