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It is near impossible to do business anywhere without a minimal trust in others. You should be able to trust your employees and your partners. If that trust is violated, it could have a long-term impact on you and the business being conducted.

Business surveillance gives you the assurance and knowledge that your trust in your associates is well placed. Using many of the same skills as in private surveillance, we will protect you from theft, fraud and any other questionable activities.

It is imperative to contact us at Caribbean Private Investigation (CPI), if you have the following suspicions:

  • Possible employee theft
  • Fraudulent activities
  • Financial statement or bookkeeping seems off
  • Sudden change in an associate/business partner spending habits
  • Leakage of company confidential information to competitors
  • Sudden unexplained loss of market share to competitors

There may be logical explanations for any of the above suspicions or real issues within the business, that may point to criminal activities. Either way, the roots of these suspicions must be investigated, to for appropriate actions to be taken. Unethical actions by thieves cost more than money. There is an emotional impact of the dishonesty and betrayal.

At CPI, we use various investigative tools to obtain the required results. Business surveillance can involve cameras, but it can also involve our expertly trained private investigators or even our forensic accountant experts on premises. We will do what it takes to discover the truth for our clients.

We know that you pour your heart and soul into your business. Do not let a thief or dishonest associate ruin the years of sweat invested into your business. Bring us in and see how quickly the problem can be solved.

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